Getting Started with GuardRails

Getting Started with GuardRails

GuardRails is all about providing a great Developer Experience and the getting started is very easy.
For our cloud-based offering you can get started in minutes.

Select below for specific instructions on how to get started on a specific platform:
  1. GitHub
  2. GitLab
If you want to try our on-premise enterprise solution, please get in touch with our sales team.

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    • What qualifies as a GuardRails issue?

      Our vision is to make security available for all. As part of that the biggest problem to tackle, besides making security accessible, is to make security relevant and actionable. Security tools are designed to identify all patterns that may cause ...
    • Product Documentation

      The GuardRails product documentation is managed on a separate portal. You can browse the documentation here, or go straight to these popular sections: What is GuardRails Getting Started Configuration Vulnerability Descriptions Security
    • What languages does Guardrails support?

      GuardRails currently supports the following languages: C/C++ Elixir Go Java JavaScript PHP Python Ruby Solidity An updated list of supported languages and tools can be found here.
    • When does GuardRails comment on a PR/MR?

      By default, GuardRails only comments on a Pull Request/Merge Request if security issues have been identified in the changed lines of code. However, GuardRails can be configured to create PR/MR comments for security issues in: All Files All Changed ...